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Mig-Tech Fluidic, Pneumatic, and Thermal Design Consulting

Consulting in Fluidic, Pneumatic, Thermal, and Mechanical Systems Design for the Instrumentation Industry - Biotech/DNA, Medical Diagnostics, Analytic/Scientific, Environmental/Water Monitoring, Beverage Dispensing.

Our Mission:

To partner with our clients to develop sound designs—from ideation to concept to prototype and on to production.

Why Choose an Independent Consultant?

It’s because I work in the best interest of the client to develop sound designs and choosing components, materials, and suppliers for the best, most efficient, and cost-effective results.

In today’s business environment, larger organizations have bought many of the component companies making valves, pumps, and fittings, etc. These large organizations are now offering ‘free’ design services to go along with their components.

Of course, these design services help push the sale of a company’s proprietary components in their designs.

As an independent consultant, I work for you, the client, so I will choose the best performing and most cost-effective components from across the marketplace. There is no free ride with these design services. There may be no upfront charge, but the designs will steer you to use their components and manufacturing services, obviously, that way, they will recoup the cost of these engineering services.

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John Migniuolo
Fluidics Expert/Executive Director

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With Me, the Client’s Needs Come First


Fluidic Design

Micro-fluidics, valving, manifolding, pumps-precision dispensing, diaphragm, solenoid, reaction and mixing chambers, flowcells, aspirate/dispense probes, waste systems, fittings, tubing, and flow calculations

Thermal Design

Incubators, chiller systems, thermoelectric heat exchangers, compact heat exchangers, preheaters, heat transfer calculations, and numerical heat transfer

Core Professional Strengths

R&D, Product Development, Team Facilitation, Project Management, Group Supervision, Mechanical Design Operations/Production Management, Manufacturing/Assembly Design, Customer Satisfaction, and Troubleshooting

Pneumatic Design

Pneumatic power modules, motion/transfer devices, valving, manifolding, fittings, tubing, and compressed air calculations.

Engineering Materials Component Selection Integrated Manifolds Medical Diagnostic Systems Quality Control Manufacturing Processes Vendor Approval Verification and Validation Test Protocols FDA/cGMP DFMA FMEA DOE Design Review