About Us

The Man Behind Mig-Tech Fluidics Design: John Migniuolo

As the person leading the company, I use my extensive experience in the field in managing the business and serving our clients. I have worked in engineering, product development, and project management for more than 20 years. Additionally, I have more than ten years of experience in the field of consulting.

Expertise in the Field

Expertise in the Field - My experience includes working on projects from ideation/concept to prototypes or breadboards to production, and into field and product support.

Throughout these years, I was able to develop many complex fluidic/thermal/pneumatic systems for automated medical, diagnostic, DNA/Biotech, analytical/scientific instruments, and beverage dispensing/carbonation.

Life as a Mechanical Engineer

A vast majority of my engineering experience has been spent creating instruments within an FDA/cGMP/ISO regulated environment. For 25 years, I have worked in industries developing: 

  • Nuclear Submarines
  • Jet Engines
  • Automated Medical Diagnostic Instruments
  • Water-Quality Instruments
  • Ultra Centrifuges for Vaccine Production
  • Other Medical Devices

Career With Bayer HealthCare Diagnostics

The company, which is formerly known as Technicon Instruments Corporation and now known as Siemens Medical Diagnostics, was also a big part of my career. For 18 years, I have handled significant technical responsibilities, including fluidic, pneumatic, thermal, and mechanical systems design. I have also worked on the design and development of the following:

  • Immuno-1
  • Opera
  • ADVIA Family of Systems
    • Centaur
    • Centaur CP
    • Integrated Modular System (IMS)
  • Express
  • Versant 440 Molecular System
  • WorkCell/LabCell Lab Automation Systems

Because of my innovative fluidic and pneumatic design, both the Immuno-1 and the Advia IMS have received certain technical achievement awards.

Educational Background

I received my Bachelor of Engineering from Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York, with a concentration in Fluid Dynamics and the Thermal Sciences.


Scientific Instruments (Rosemount Analytical-Emerson) TooheyCo

Mela Science (Electro Optical Sciences)